Safe Harbor" Danny Hahlbohm

    Hi everyone and let me just welcome you to my web world. I have been on the web now for about 7 years total but have been doing websites for almost 5 years now. I am a disabled vet from the mid 60s. I was a professional shrimper for much of my life and was Capt. of boats from as small as 16 ft. that I used to catch live bait shrimp when I was only an early teenager to boats that were almost 100 ft that we went to sea on for up to a month or longer.

    All of this came to a halt in the year 2000 when I was in the middle of a boat purchase and trying a boat out to make sure it was something I wanted to buy and I was suddenly unable to work anymore. From that point on I had to find things to keep me busy and out of trouble.
I am not a small person so the name Jcshrimp1 did not come from that but it came from my being a shrimper and I was on AOL and they told me I was number 1 and my name is Jimmy and my sir name starts with a C so that is how I became jcshrimp1.

    In late 2000 the Lord lead me to over see a prayer group from my email and I did this for a time and then was lead to make a website and I named it The Power Of Prayers. It has a book that was build by me from a script that I purchased and it is a stand alone site that has a lot of visitors and has a member ship of hundreds that come and post needs and pray for the needs that are posted. I urge you to use this site and place needs there and to pray for those in need listed there.
    You see I know the power of prayer from being healed when I was just 5 years old and the Lord Jesus removed the need for braces on my legs and made me whole from other things and it happened in just a moment when I touched the hem of His garment so I know He will do it for you also.


    Here on my site you will find a lots of stuff and I hope that you can find things to enjoy. I also have many on line friends that are very important to me and many of them have web sites and you can find links to there sites from here.

    Please visit my sitemap where you will find some great poetry written by some of the very best writers on the web or they would not be here. Nothing but the best for my visitors that is the reason there is very little by my self. hehehehehehe


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