Jimmy's "Safe Harbor"

Santa Visits Jesus

One Christmas night so long ago
in a manger low ~
Baby Jesus and Santa spoke,
about gifts they could bestow.

Jesus told Santa if you will do
this yearly thing for me ~
I will give to the hearts of man,
all they dare to see

So Santa set about his task
every December twenty-fifth ~
and gave to all young and old,
a yearly Christmas gift.

He shared with them what he could
of things they wanted most ~
and saved the rest for Jesus,
the King of heavenly hosts.

Jesus He would take His gift
and place upon the heart ~
of every man and woman,
He loved right from the start.

Jesus gift will never fail you
when you are down and out ~
lift up praises to the heavens,
with a halleluiah shout!

Santa may come once a year
but the Lord, He’ll always stay ~
if you ask Him in your heart,
with a few words that you pray.

Santa and Jesus they had in mind
for everyone to see ~
that yearly gifts cannot be compared,
to the ones on bended knee.

©Donna G Fowler


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