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Name: Jumble Solitaire
Description: Flex your linguistic might with this witty puzzle game! Score big with new puzzles and jumble bonus words every day! Use your noodle to clear the board of all letter tiles and unlock and unscramble the daily jumble bonus word for a huge point boost! Relax and give your mind a treat with daily Jumble Solitaire puzzles!

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 208

Jumble Solitai

Name: Jumble Word Vault
Description: Daily word puzzles to challenge your mind! Unlock safes by making words from sets of letters in this exciting Jumble variation! Help dubious banker E. J. Blume while the bank manager is on vacation by granting him access to the bank's vaults with your expansive vocabulary! Have fun raiding the Jumble Word Vault; every cracked safe earns you more money and renown.

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 210

Jumble Word Va

Name: Key Words
Description: Get ready for some fun as a smart and cute chameleon guides you through a wonderful adventure! Letters and words fill this extremely interesting world of jungle adventures. Choose letters to build words in order to complete your journey. Just keep an eye on the time, you don't have all day to beat Key Words!

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 897

Key Words

Name: Paradise Island
Description: Aloha and welcome to Paradise Island, a beautiful, word-filled paradise. Lounge among the tikis and hibiscus flowers as you solve 2 kinds of engaging word puzzles in this online game. First, match syllables to form words related to the puzzle's theme. Then, fill in missing letters to form more themed words. Collect tropical trinkets as you advance through the puzzles. Word lovers, get away to Paradise Island for your ultimate vacation.

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 197

Paradise Islan

Name: Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters
Description: Spin the slot machine and guess the Lucky Letters to win big. Keep an eye out for the Lucky Chances where you can double your money (if you are brave). Finish off the game by racing the clock to solve Pat's entire puzzle in the Lightning Round.

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 198

Pat Sajak'

Name: Play 4
Description: Test your wits against totally new word puzzles every day! Solve cryptic clues with four-letter answers in this exciting word game! Uncover the answers as quickly as possible, with the fewest moves. Each letter provides a clue to another answer! And with new and challenging content daily, your brain will never be bored again!

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 194

Play 4

Name: SandScript
Description: Have a way with words? Savvy with spelling? Use these skills in SandScript to decipher mystery words, one letter at time and help our hapless genie restore his magical powers. Score bonus points for making correct guesses consecutively and quickly. Collect treasures and awards along the way as you journey from the Lonely Pyramids to the Ivory Palace and see how far your smarts will take you!

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 167


Name: Sango
Description: Put your brain to the test! Create as many words as possible on a time-locking grid in this strategic word game! Swap letters two at a time to form words of any length. Think laterally; once a letter has been moved it becomes "locked" in place three moves later. You'll need a sharp strategy and vocabulary to make a dent in this one. What are you waiting for? San-go!

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 183


Name: Schooled
Description: Fish school has been tough for Goldie the Goldfish. The mean Angelfish bully her constantly because she can't spell. Help her get Schooled by spelling the words on the chalkboard in this charming online word game. Click to position Goldie so she can eat the letter pellets that complete the word. Catch falling bonus pellets and power-ups, if the greedy Angelfish don't get them first! With your help, Goldie will swim away from Schooled with her diploma in tow.

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 195


Name: That Word Game
Description: Catch the letters as they fall to create words in That Word Game! Words can be anywhere from 3 to 15 letters long. Click on a letter to add it to your word. Press enter or click the submit button to add it to your word. Make words that are 6 or more letters long to avoid parasites. Play in endless mode or face special challenges such as "10 Minutes to Midnight," "The Ladder," "Pit Cleaner," or "Alphabet Soup." Are you a word nerd? Play That Word Game and find out.

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 170

That Word Game

Name: Wild Word Garden
Description: How does your garden grow? With words, of course! Grow a beautiful Wild Word Garden in this online word game. Form 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-letter words using the tiles. Complete a set of words and earn a beautiful flower to plant in your Word Garden. Plant your flowers in groups of three for a bonus. Create words that fit the Wild Word theme and get pretty garden accents such as flamingos and gnomes. Best of all, you'll never need to weed or water your Wild Word Garden. It grows when you play online!

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 471

Wild Word Gard

Name: Word Jolt
Description: Hold onto your seat; the thrilling Word Jolt delivers a gigantic jolt of intense action and electrifying fun!Create words by selecting letters from the game board using either your mouse or your keyboard. Don't let the letters stack too high, though, or it's game over. Featuring two unique game modes and three difficulty levels, Word Jolt is guaranteed to please both the casual game fan and word game enthusiast in you.Get a jolt; download now.

Category: Word
Number of Times Played: 947

Word Jolt

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