"Jimmy's Safe Harbor"

Walking On The Beach

Walking on the beach one night with no destiny in mind,
I was wanting to relax not knowing what I would find.
The sounds of the huge waves as they kept rolling into shore,
bringing me a peaceful calmness I could not ignore.

Off in the distance someone was coming towards me,
Was it a stranger? Perhaps, I could not really see.
I felt no immediate fear or need for alarm,
some how I already knew this person meant no harm.

Out of the darkness a figure was slowly appearing to me,
the sight was breathe taking what a wonderful sight to see.
There was a beautiful bright light and it lit up all of the sky,
I realized it was God but I did not understand why.

God said, ďLetís talk for awhile there is something I need you to do,
there is a message with your words you must try to get through.
You have no need to worry I will help you with the words to relay,
but please write them down now my child there can be no delay.Ē

Hate and fighting seems to be every where I look,
everyone has forgotten all of the teachings in the good book.
The ten commandments I wrote on the tablets have no meaning any more,
so many of my people are dying I have a hard time keeping score.
Tell them they must learn to live together without fear and without hate,
all of the children must be brought up different before itís too late.

Heaven awaits you my children if this is the place you want to be,
and once again you will be reunited with your loved ones and family.
Follow me, reach out and take my hand,
and I will lead you there to heaven to the promised land.

I watched as the light grew dim my heart was filled with pride,
no more doubts or worries lingered I felt wonderful inside.
I turned and walked back up to the beach from the shore,
never again would I question what God wanted anymore.
I put down the words God wanted to get his message through,
I have done my part the rest is up to you.

© Brenda Sparkman
June 2004

Used with permission
Do not take with out asking for
Brenda's permission


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