To Jimmy's "Safe Harbor"


The winds were blowing wildly,

Lightening flashed across the sky.

The billows tossed and turned me.

Satan whispered vicious lies.


You will never make it,

You are lost upon the sea.

There is no one here to help,

It is only you and me.


O but you are wrong, said I

I have my armor on,

With it you are defeated,

Christ is in me, I am strong.


My anchor holds me steady,

During many trials or tests.

And the captain of my ship,

Knows for me, what is the best.


My safety lies in Jesus,

I am hidden deep in Him.

He is my own safe harbor,

When the lights begin to dim.


My Jesus walks on water,

Heals the sick; raises the dead.

 Heíll calm these trouble waters.

And with that, the devil fled.


So keep your eyes on Jesus,

Donít be fretful, He is near.

Simply call upon His name,

For your pleas, Heíll always hear.



© 2004 Marie Williams


This was written for me "Jimmy"
by Marie when we first met and
has been way to long not being used

on my site so all could enjoy.
Thank you Marie from my heart.

Please go to her site and enjoy her work.
'Front Porch Inspirations'


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