"Jimmy's Safe Harbor"

Sam's In Love


She makes his heart go pitty pat,
As She's something quite to see.
White curly hair with blue ribbons,
With her he wants to be.

There's a certain air about her,
Such as royalty.
Even though he is persistent,
To her heart she holds the key.

He waits and watches patiently,
For her to make an appearance.
He glues his eyes across the street,
This boy has endurance!

Sometimes she'll walk along his side,
And oh he loves it so!
He wants to get acquainted but,
Things are going slow.

Just a glance from "Her Highness"
And his tail starts to wag.
He would give her everything,
Even his "doggy bag".

She may be playing hard to get,
It's so hard to know.
I guess he'll have to wait and see,
If affection she'll ever show.

One thing for sure, Sam's in love,
Close to her he wants to be.
So sweet laying by her side,
It just tickles me!

He pretends to be asleep but when,
 He reaches to touch her with his paw.
It's the sweetest thing You've ever seen!

used with permission
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