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Prince of Peace at Christmas



The scripture’s found in Matthew

A vision to behold

At Christmas time, throughout the world

A story often told. 



A carpenter name Joseph

A simple-minded man

Engaged to dear sweet Mary

Who promised him her hand.



Now Mary was naïve girl

A virgin young and pure

Of all the women in the world

The Lord had chosen her.



To bear the child, Emmanuel

The Saviour, soon to be

A royal king to live and die

That we might be set free.



An angel came to Mary

Gabriel was his name

He came to bring good news of joy

Not fill her life with shame.



She had conceived the child of God

T’was growing in her womb

Though she felt blessed to fill this quest

How could she tell her groom.



To Joseph, she’d been faithful

She’d never gone astray

How he could know the miracle

That happened on that day. 



The baby she was bearing

Was sent from up above

The Alpha and Omega

The Price of peace and love.



Her soul was filled with wonder

Yet fear crept in her heart

They’d label her, adulteress

And tear her world apart.



She quietly spoke with Joseph

And gently held her breath

An unwed pregnant woman

Could be stoned and put to death.



Joseph was a righteous man

Though he was in dismay

He planned to press no charges

And quickly walk away. 



But Gabriel came to Joseph

One night while in his sleep

He said that Mary spoke the truth

The vows, he then would keep.



Joseph’s heart was full of joy

He knew that they’d been blest

His virgin bride, no longer cried

Their faith had stood the test.



Her feelings for this tiny child

Were strong, like any mother

The life that grew inside of her

Was special, like no other.



She knew this child was worthy

He was the Chosen One

And she had been anointed

To bear the Spirit’s Son. 



So on a donkey, Mary rode

The time drawing near

The birth of Jesus Christ was nigh

Upon a midnight clear. 



The inns were full, no where to go

To give birth to her son

So in a stable filled with hay

Her labor had begun.



The King of Kings was born to her

She held her baby tight

An eastern star shone brightly

In Bethlehem that night.



While shepherds found their way to Him

And kings from far away

They offered gifts of gold and myrrh

To Him, that sacred day.



Wise men blessed the heavens

His name was richly praised

As angels sang on glory high

The Staff of Life was raised.



The guests were quite enraptured

By such a wondrous sight

All the corners of the earth

Was filled with holy light. 



The world and its inhabitants

Would never be the same

For Mary bore the Lamb of God

Christ Jesus was His name.



The Redeemer was delivered

Young Mary held her son

Just as was told in scripture

It is written, it is done!


     The End

Marilyn Ferguson ©2003

(written) December 09, 2003

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Used with Marilyn's permission, please do not
use with out contacting her first.
Thank you so very much for allowing me to
use on my site.......Jimmy at "Safe Harbor"








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