"Jimmy The Shrimper" 
When I think of a shrimper or fisherman,
I think of a man that goes down to the sea
and returns with a boat laddened with seafood
A hardy, robust man, that stands and faces 
whatever is coming with strength and stamina.

This reminds me of another fisherman
Of long ago, standing on the shore of
Galilee, when Jesus came to him
And said "come with me and I will make you
A fisher of men"

Today you are doing a great work for the Lord
by sending out requests for those in distress
and a need of healings.
Your testimony touches others, bringing them to
the Lord

One day you will stand at the gates of Heaven
And the same fisherman of long ago will smile and
say "well done My good and faithful servant"
This was written by my husband Bob he wanted
to let you know how much we appreciate all
you do to help spread the word of God.
And how much you mean to all who are so in
need of our prayers.
God bless you always our friend and keep up
the wonderful work you are doing.
You are truly a blessing to all. ~ Ruth Richardson

This truly is such a great honor
Thank you so much my dear Friend Bob.
That words can't express my feelings.
You are such special friends to me.
In His love........Jimmy the Shrimper

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Music: "By the sea "
2001 Bruce DeBoer

Used with permission

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