"Jesus' Tears"

I lay in bed at night
Wondering about Jesus' tears
The pain of being forgotten
The sorrow of wondering if anyone cares


Knowing he gave his life for us
The agonizing pain he endured and suffered
For his great unending love for us
And his great love for his father


For his tears must flow
For the unforgiving nature of man
And the sadness that swells up in his heart
For those who seems not to care


Sometimes if you listen
In the middle of the night
You may here the weeping of our lord
His tears being shed for his brothers and sisters


I was not sure I heard him weeping
As I laid there in the dark of night
Until a tear fell on my face
And rolled down my cheek


Than I knew for sure Jesus
Was feeling our sorrow and our pain
And because of his great love for us
He will always shed Jesus Tears
For all those he loves
Donna J. Kramer


This poem is used with permission from
Donna and I thank you so very much.... Jimmy
Do not take or use with out her permission.



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The artwork on this page is lovingly dedicated to
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