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Jimmy's "Safe Harbor"

Have you seen me?

I push a cart with my life's treasures

enclosed in a plastic bag.

My face is unshaven and dirty,

my clothes are tattered.

There is even an odor to me.

Your eyes lower when we pass,

as if visual contact would erase my existence

I am here by my own submission to

hopelessness you say....

You are "cart less" by God's Grace.

I am not sure I believe in God.

If He were real, I would be soaking my old

blistered feet in a hot sudsy tub of water.

Have you ever seen feet like mine?

I remember when I was younger reading a

bible passage where Jesus washed

the feet of the men he loved.

You wouldn't even cast your eyes my way to

acknowledge my feet.

I am invisible to the likes of the

high and mighty who have homes.

Have you felt my hunger?

When you say to a friend " I'm starved,"

do you have any true idea of what it means

to go without bread for days?

My reservation at the local garbage dump

is always honored,

You would be welcome there.

Have you heard my request for spare change?

Your usual answer of "I don't have any," is a blatant lie,

I won't drink it away or shoot up,

I just want a cup of coffee and a piece of bread.

When you see me sleeping on cardboard with blankets

or newspaper to cover me do I repulse you?

I once slept in a king size bed with

plaid sheets that smelled of downy.

When I lost my job and my family

had enough of my alcoholism,

I left to free them of my pain.

My one noble act, cowardly as it may be,

at least kept my wife and child united

without the likes of me.

Have you ever looked into the face

of someone who wonders daily,

"Is this all there is?"

I think your eyes won't surrender to

my physical image because of fear.

I am...YOU...maybe tomorrow, maybe never,

but there is always that possibility.

Next time look, LOOK at me.

I also am a creature of God..

Dirty, cold, hungry, and hopeless,

but I heard that I am in the image of God.

So next time when those eyes cower, look at my feet.

Then slowly absorb the figure up to my face.

I at least deserve an educated glance.

I pray for you though I question God's existence

and hearing abilities, for him to change your heart.

Maybe someday our eyes will meet and you will hand me

a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Maybe you will realize how fragile having a home

and a family are to your journey in life.

Have you seen me?? I have seen you

I pray God will forgive your apathy.

I pray that there will be a season of change

and the righteous love of the homeless

and helpless will co-exist.

I challenge your eyes to see me.......

I am the humble.... I am the homeless.

The above story was written by a homeless person who had
spent the night in a shelter leaving this story behind.

This subject is very near and dear to my heart.
Please remember to help your local missions.
If you can't give food your volunteer help would be greatly appreciated

Father God today as you bring people by this page to see this story
I ask that you might touch there hearts to be more
humble when they see the Homeless Man on the street
 and more understanding that he is one of your creations
and that you love him and care for him even with the circumstances.
Father help us to remember that your son Jesus
washed the feet of those whom were the closest to Him
the night before he gave up His life for us on the cross.
He also commanded us to do like wise and then he
feed those that were with Him that night and Lord today
I beg you to help us to know the pain and
the helplessness of this Homeless Man.
Father fill us with your love and compassion that we can
better do your will for our fellow man.

In the might name of Jesus,


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