"The Power Of Prayer"

The words were like unto a book As they lifted to the heavens in prayer Cascading down upon the intended Showering healing, though he was unaware

Rolling like a thunderous cloud across the heavens Gathering in intensity, audible to all in the skies Striking the angels with gusting winds Beseeching God to hear these cries

Sweet miracles rolled along the trail Of the stream of prayer given in the spirit Close to God the Father, cloistered as one There was no denying the plea it was inherent

God looked upon His precious obedient child Tears of compassion streaming down her face Stretched forth His Almighty Hand Granting her pleas with Heavenly Grace Gayle Davis August 20, 2003 Email

This poem is used with Gayle's permission.
Please ask permission before using it.
Thank you so much for allowing me to use

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