"Jimmy's Safe Harbor"

For The Children

Beautiful little child, I see you hiding there
beneath the bed, bravely holding in your pain,
praying with all your might, hoping someone hears,
"Please dear God, don't let Daddy hit me again".

I see you lift your face, holding in your cares,
you're hard as a stone, you think this is just life.
He told you not to ever tell the things he does to you,
fearing what he'll do next, alone you carry your strife.

Put a smile on your pretty face for the world to see.
You won't let anyone see what you're hiding inside.
It's those times when you're all alone that the tears flow.
You think that no one cares, but I am by your side.

Come and rest here beneath my wings, child.
I will hold you close and cover you with prayers.
Your parents do not see the blessing God gave them.
Soon, I'll take you to a beautiful place with no cares.

You'll know love, when at last you're in the arms of Jesus.
In Heaven, you'll be free and you will cry no more,
running and dancing carefree in fields of grace.
Jesus will be the daddy you always wished for.


You are never alone, dear child
God has sent me to your side.
By your side, angels will abide,
always there... for the children.

©TinasHeart 01/20/05

And whosever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea.
 Mark 9:42

Used with permission from Tina.
Please visit her site and enjoy her work,



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