A Father's Love

"Welcome to our Father "

Today on a day that we are all so happy to say hello to
our father, that we place long distance calls to them and
spend in sending them cards and gifts.
Many of us like my self do not have a father any more as
they have died or just disappeared from our life and we
really feel left out.
I have felt that way for so many years that to even say
I remember this or that is kind of hard some times.
My father was a good man and well loved by most every one
in town and wore short pants and went bare foot most of
the time when it was warm weather. He was a fisherman at
heart though his heart was very sick in that he had very
poor health for all my life.
I remember the day that he passed away very much so.
I was a shrimper then and had my on boat that I worked in
the bays here in our area. I had worked the night before
and was sleeping when the man we called Big Earl came to
tell he had passed away. Daddy was 78 years old when he
died and that was 26 years ago this July. I miss you dad
so very much, you showed me that a man could be kind and
caring of his fellow man.

But today I want to remember the Father that will never
die and go away.
He is the Father that knows the truth about love.
He knows the truth about giving……
He is the one that knew we needed a strong man to love us
here on earth so he made us one.
But when that one’s final days are over and his life here
is done.
Then we feel alone but we are not.
Today is the day of all days that we need to know our real Father.
He made us.
He breathed life into us.
He gave us a free will.
When we fell by the way side,
He made a way that we could be restored.

Today let’s take just a minute or two and let’s look to
our Heavenly Father and say thanks for all the times
I did not thank you.
Thanks God for all the times you were there when I needed you.
Thanks for sending your son to save me when all hope was gone.

Father God today has been named for the one earthly being
in our lives that you placed for us to lean on and to learn from.
I wish to remember you Heavenly Father That you made all
things and set all things into motion that we could have
a closer walk with you.
Father if there be one sin that is left in our lives
that we have forgotten to ask your forgiveness,
Father I ask that it be forgiven this day that is your day
"Fathers Day"
as you are our Father.

Let us look around us and see the works of his hands today, his day.
As this is the day that the lord has made.
Jimmy aka jcshrimp1
This day for our Father
June 16 in our Lord 2002

© Jimmy Carden

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