"Seek ye the LORD while he may be found,
call ye upon him while he is near:
Let the wicked forsake his way,
and the unrighteous man his thoughts:
and let him return unto the LORD,
and he will have mercy upon him;
and to our God,
for he will abundantly pardon."
Isaiah 55:6-7
There's Forgiveness
Don't struggle alone, in fear and distress
As is there's no hope, just your ugliness.
Our Lord offers grace, not judgment deserving,
He longs for your love and your soon returning.
There's Forgiveness
It's tough cutting through the darkness of sin
Striving for answers, His favor to win.
He stands with His arms outstretched and extended
To hold and restore you, just mercy intended.
There's Forgiveness
Why search other places your answers to find
To fill the vast void and touch the divine.
Lay down your excuses and learn to confess
Your sins and your shame to His holiness.
There's Forgiveness
There's healing and fellowship waiting for you
The moment you turn, His face to pursue.
You are the temple, His place for abiding,
The only thing missing is your mind deciding.
There's Forgiveness
Don't wait for a feeling or mystical lark,
Just bow down in quietness, open your heart.
Be honest, and tell Him no secret to keep
From there He restores you to fellowship sweet.
There's Forgiveness
His promise is certain, "I will forgive,"
Cleansing and freedom, it's your to live.
From no other source full joy will you find.
He is your victory, your peace so sublime.
There's Forgiveness
To humble yourself, before Him in prayer,
Is your first step, in unloading your care.
There look Him squarely, straight in the face
And tell Him all of the ways you disgrace.
There's Forgiveness
Refreshment and fullness He will restore
The moment you sincerely open the door.
He is the life you thought you could win,
By going your way and living in sin.
There's Forgiveness
There's no one beyond the reach of His arm
To pick up and pardon, to rescue from harm.
Return to the Master of your faith's beginning;
Give Him your all, and you'll find yourself winning.
There's Forgiveness
What wonderful love eternity holds,
For those who are willing to be in the fold.
The Savior is waiting, Oh come to Him now,
At His nail-scarred feet, in humility bow.
There's Forgiveness
(Author Known to God)
As you are watching clouds drift across the pure blue of the sky, and you see them break up and disappear forever, in the same way, God deals with your sins.
You believe in His Son as your Lord and Savior,
then He blots out your transgressions just as
He sweeps the cloud from your sight forever.
The Bible abounds in these assurances of utter removal of the penalty of sin from the child of God.

is Forgiveness!


"Lord Dictated Them"



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