"For God is my King of old,
working salvation in the midst of the earth."
Psalm 74:12
Acting Saved
There's an interesting phenomenon
occurring in our society.
There seems to be a high interest in salvation,
but a low interest in Christian living.
Church attendance was at an all time high
with overflowing pews after the 9-11 attack.
Today, it is still at an all time high,
with the exception of the overflow.
There are more men, women, and children
filling church pews on Sundays than
at any time in history.
However, the moral standards
are at an all time low.
Some of these same church-goers are
divorcing mates, aborting babies,
cheating on spouses, drinking liquor,
gambling, and abusing children at
an unbelievably high rate.
What's the problem here?
More people today want to
"Get Saved" than want to "Act Saved."
This conflict is referred more to
Justification versus Sanctification!
Is the "proof" of our salvation portrayed
in "works" through our salvation
when we're not in the church pews?
I pray it is.
This Lord's day, may we carry out our salvation
throughout the entire week
as we get up off our church pews.
God bless you.

"Lord Dictated Them"



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