ďAnd they shall beat their swords into plowshares,
 and their spears into pruninghooks:
 nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war any more

Isaiah 2:4


Oh, that these happy times were come!
At present the nations are heavily armed, and are inventing weapons more and more terrible, as if the chief end of man could only be answered by destroying myriads of his fellows.

Yet peace will prevail one day;
yes, and so prevail that the instruments of
destruction shall be beaten into other shapes and used for better purposes.

How will this come about?
By trade? By civilization? By arbitration?
We do not believe it.
Past experience forbids
our trusting to means so feeble.

Peace will be established only by the reign of the Prince of Peace. He must teach the people by His Spirit, renew their hearts by His grace, and reign
over them by His supreme power, and then will they cease to wound and kill.

Man is a monster when once his blood is up, and only the Lord Jesus can turn this lion into a lamb. By changing manís heart, his blood-thirsty passions are removed.

Let every reader of this book of promises offer
special prayer today to the Lord and Giver of Peace, that He would speedily put an end to war, and establish concord over the whole world.


"Lord Dictated Them"



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